Endowments: The Recession Really Is Over

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Fall term for colleges and universities across America isn’t just the season for new students to arrive on campus. It’s also the time for schools to release their official endowment reports for the past fiscal year, and a couple of weeks ago, Princeton University became the last Ivy League school to do so. Given that […]

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Endowments and Tax Policy

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Federal Tax Policy Regarding Universities: Endowments and Beyond by Richard Vedder, the most recently published CCAP study was released last week at the AEI conference on college endowments and is now available on the CCAP website. The study is available here.

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Endowments: Watch C-SPAN Friday AM

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On several occasions, I have plugged a conference at the American Enterprise Institute on college endowments, taking place this morning (Friday, February 1) at 9:30 EST. Registration for the conference has passed 120, and allowing for some no shows and last minute additions, we expect 100 or so in attendance at the conference, organized by […]

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Endowments: The Washington Post, American Enterprise Institute, and Beyond!

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As everyone who follows higher education policy knows, the issue of college endowments has become a hot topic over the last few months. Our colleague Lynne Munson has written and testified about it, Congress has held hearings, and even the schools themselves — Harvard and Yale — have responded to criticism and decided to use […]

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Inequality Between Universities: Endowments

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By Richard Vedder and Thomas G. Ruchti An interesting phenomenon in the last generation is that the elite private schools have grown far more prosperous than other institutions. It appears that the gap between the “rich” and “poor” schools is growing. For example, average salaries of professors have risen far more in the elite private […]

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The Tax Status of University Contributions and Endowments

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My sidekick Bryan O’Keefe and I met with staffers of the Senate Finance Committee the other day. The most interesting thing about the meeting is that key staffers were there from both the Democratic and Republican side. We talked about many things, but one of them was endowments. Lynne Munson, a former high level government […]

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Administrative Bloat: Remarks to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Austin, Texas, January 7, 2015

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Dr. Vedder spoke to the Texas Public Policy Foundation on January 7, 2015. The following are his remarks regarding administrative bloat.   REMARKS TO THE TEXAS PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION ANNUAL LEGISLATIVE ORIENTATION CONFERENCE AUSTIN, TX, JANUARY 7, 2015   America’s prosperity results from the continual increase in labor productivity. The Labor Department tells us on […]

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Endowment Returns Rise in 2013

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Following a dismal -0.3 percent average in 2012, college endowments saw a large increase in returns on investments last year. According to the annual NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments, endowment returns averaged 11.7 percent in 2013. Don Troop at the Chronicle of Higher Education observes: The average return for colleges with endowments of more than $1-billion […]

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Tax U

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A little while ago, Eric Kelderman had a story in the Chronicle that is, if not surprising to some, surely is distressing: Thirty-four colleges audited recently by the Internal Revenue Service underpaid their taxes on unrelated business income by nearly $90-million, and nearly 20 percent of the private colleges in the group violated rules for nonprofit […]

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The University of Texas and Texas A&M Should Privatize

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By: Ronald L. Trowbridge and Richard Vedder State political control could be avoided altogether For the past year and a half an unrelenting firestorm of criticism has been directed at Texas Governor Rick Perry and his appointed regents for allegedly damaging, in a political scuffle for control, the excellence of the University of Texas atAustin […]

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