Founded in 2006, The Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) is dedicated to researching the rising costs and stagnant efficiency in higher education, with special emphasis on the United States. CCAP seeks to facilitate a broader dialogue on the issues and problems facing the institutions of higher education with the public, policy makers, and the higher education community.

We define our mission rather broadly. “Affordability” means not only rising tuition and other costs to the consumer of education services, but more broadly the burden that colleges impose on society. “Productivity” refers not only to the costs and resources needed to educate students and perform research, but also to the measurement and quality of educational outcomes. CCAP is concerned about finding new ways to do things better – to improve affordability and productivity. In particular, we are interested assessing how the use of the forces of the market could make higher education more affordable and qualitatively better. CCAP disseminates its findings in many ways, such as through written studies, conferences, opinion pieces, electronic media interviews, and a blog. We welcome comments and dissenting views from all readers.

Currently, our research agenda includes the following areas:

  • Student Financial Aid Policy
  • Rising Costs of College
  • Causes of Higher Education Inefficiencies
  • Productivity of Staff and Faculty Members
  • For-Profit Higher Education
  • Accreditation