01/28/14: WOSU’s “All Sides with Ann Fisher” interviewed Richard Vedder on higher education and job creation. Listen.

06/25/13: KPCC Los Angeles interviewed Richard Vedder on the relevant of liberal arts degrees. Listen.

04/15/13: WOSU’s “All Sides with Ann Fisher” hosted Richard Vedder for a discussion on college completion rates. Listen.

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02/20/13: Minnesota Public Radio discussed CCAP’s underemployment study. Listen.

02/02/13: Richard Vedder appeared on Weekend Edition Saturday to talk with host Scott Simon about CCAP’s underemployment study. Listen.

02/01/13: Richard Vedder appeared on CBS KMOX in St. Louis with Charlie Brennan to discuss the labor-force participation rate and the effects of government benefits. Listen.

10/24/12: Richard Vedder appeared on WCBM in Baltimore’s Money, Riches & Wealth to discuss government student aid and unintended consequences. Listen.

07/25/12: Richard Vedder appeared on WBEZ Chicago’s The BEZ to discuss the worth of a liberl art’s education. Listen.

05/23/12: Richard Vedder and Peter Stearns discussed whether college students today are studying enough on The Takeaway. Listen.

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03/20/12: Richard Vedder and Robert Archibald debated the question: “Does Federal Support for Higher Education Make College More or Less Affordable?” Listen.

01/27/12: Richard Vedder talked to NPR’s “All Things Considered” about President Obama’s proposal to use federal financial aid to limit tuition increases. Listen.

01/25/12: A segment on Nevada Public Radio on college costs featured Richard Vedder. Listen.

12/14/11: Richard Vedder appeared on NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation” to discuss the actions colleges and universities should take to lower the cost of college. Listen.

11/30/11: In a podcast for the Cato Institute, Richard Vedder talked about faculty productivity and urged for significantly reducing, or even eliminating, government involvement in higher education. Listen.

09/02/11: A segment on NPR’s “All Things Considered” featured David Ridpath’s commentary on the recent scandals dogging intercollegiate football. Listen.

04/21/11: Richard Vedder spoke with Ross Reynolds of KOUW about the cost of higher education and whether college tuition should vary by degree program. Listen.

04/05/11: In a news story aired by Minnesota Public Radio, Richard Vedder mentioned three-year degree programs as a way to lower college costs. Listen.

12/13/10: Richard Vedder explained on The Peter Schiff Show why some high school graduates should skip college. Listen (sub r’qd).

11/10/10: CBS affiliate KMOX-AM asked Richard Vedder about his take on the cost of college. Listen.

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01/09/09: Richard Vedder discussed the role of college application fees on Marketplace Radio, along with Shannon Gundy, head of Admissions at the University of Maryland, Dan Hurley of the AASCU and others. Listen.

12/17/08: Richard Vedder discussed the rising costs of higher education in Ohio on The Sound of Ideas® 90.3 WCPN, along with Oberlin College President, Marvin Krislov and Cleveland State University Financial Aid Administrator, Walter Ventrice. Listen.

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