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12/13/13: Carolina Journal interviewed Richard Vedder about higher education and the Obama Administration’s approach to it. View.

10/22/13: Richard Vedder spoke at a Mackinac Center “Issues and Ideas Forum” on the higher-education bubble. View.

09/16/13: Fox Business interviewed Richard Vedder on The Willis Report to talk about the quality and price of a college education. View.

06/21/13: Kevin Kuzma of Career College Central interviewed Richard Vedder about for-profit and career education at the 2013 Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Convention and Exposition in Orlando. View.

04/02/13: CNBC interviewed Richard Vedder on the value of a college education and whether the price justifies the benefits. View.

01/09/13: CNBC’s Rick Santelli interviewed Richard Vedder about the rising cost of higher education. View.

11/14/12: Bloomberg TV interviewed Richard Vedder to discuss why a college education is so expensive. View.

09/18/12: The Huffington Post interviewed Richard Vedder as part of an hour-long discussion on remedial education. View.

03/15/12: KBO-TV, the San Francisco ABC affiliate, aired a story on public university spending on new construction which quoted Richard Vedder. View.

01/27/12: On PBS “NewsHour” Richard Vedder responded to President Obama’s plan for increasing college affordability. View.

01/26/12: Jonathan Robe appeared on The Wall Street Journal‘s “Opinion Journal” to offer reaction to President Obama’s 2012 “State of the Union” address. View.

11/18/11: CCAP and the Cato Institute co-hosted a conference on faculty productivity and higher ed reform. View.

10/26/11: Richard Vedder appeared on the Fox Business Channel to talk about student loans with Neil Cavuto. View.

09/13/11: Richard Vedder chatted with Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal about various higher education issues. View.

08/09/11: On The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal, Richard Vedder discusses metrics of college measurements and their outcomes. View.

05/31/11: Dave Ridpath appeared on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” to discuss Jim Tressel’s resignation from Ohio State. View.

05/27/11: Richard Vedder joined a PBS NewsHour panel discussion on the value of a college degree. View.

05/11/11: Richard Vedder joined Richard Bishirjian and Peter Wood to discuss “The Federal Takeover of Higher Education” at the Family Research Council. View.

04/02/11: Richard Vedder appeared on “Inside Academia” with Andy Nash to talk about “The Great College Degree Scam.” View.

12/29/10:Richard Vedder appeared on PJTV’s “InstaVision” with Glenn Reynolds to talk about why college isn’t for everyone. View.

11/23/10: Richard Vedder talked about college costs and affordability on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. View.

11/17/10: CCAP Faculty Fellow David Ridpath discussed the allegations surrounding Cam Newton of Auburn on ESPN. View.

11/1/10: Richard Vedder discussed for-profit colleges on a panel at the Education Policy Initiative Seminar Series at the University of Michigan. View.

10/13/10: Richard Vedder participated in a panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation. View.

02/26/10: PBS Education and the Economy Debate View.

12/18/09: CCAP Faculty Fellow David Ridpath was on ESPN to talk about alleged academic infractions in Florida State athletics. View.

12/12/09: Richard Vedder discussed higher education in North Dakota. View.

08/18/09: Matt Welch interviewed Richard Vedder for Reason TV. View.

05/18/09: Video from Assessing University Performance Symposium. View.

04/19/09: Richard Vedder at the Wake Forest Admissions Conference. View.

10/28/08: Richard Vedder on higher education in the state of Washington at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. View.

07/31/08: Richard Vedder speaks about higher education upon receiving the Adam Smith Award at the 2008 annual ALEC conference. View.

07/31/08: Richard Vedder discusses higher education alongside Ohio state Rep. John Adams. View.

12/07/06: Richard Vedder speaks at Heritage Foundation on higher education on Dec 7, 2006. View.