December 2014:

12/16/14: Inside Higher Ed published an article by Richard Vedder and Joseph Hartge about the college sports arms race.

12/12/14: The Conversation published an article by CCAP’s David Ridpath about who actually funds intercollegiate athletic programs.

October 2014:

10/25/14: The Star Press points to CCAP’s criticism of the subsidizing of sports with hidden fees.

10/24/14: The Bakersfield Californian makes reference to CCAP’s policy paper about the underemployment of college graduates.

10/19/14: Deseret News mentions Chris Denhart’s commentary on Germany’s tuition-free policy.

10/16/14: Indiana Daily Student quotes Richard Vedder in an article about whether college is important for everyone.

10/09/14: Money News cites CCAP and its data showing significant college graduate underemployment.

10/08/14: The Arkansas Traveler discusses CCAP’s report on college graduate underemployment.

10/08/14: The Fiscal Times discusses Richard Vedder in a story about the White House’s dubious student loan numbers.

September 2014:

09/29/14: The GW Hatchet features Richard Vedder in a story about George Washington University’s low student loan default rate.

09/23/14: U.S. News and World Report features Richard Vedder in a story about the higher education bubble.

09/22/14: U.S. News and World Report features Richard Vedder in a story exploring the future of higher education.

09/15/14: The Epoch Times quotes Richard Vedder in a story discussing the effect of student financial aid on tuition costs.

09/13/14: The New York Times quotes Richard Vedder on the making Higher Education less aristocratic, and more meritocratic.

09/07/14: The New York Post quotes Richard Vedder on college costs, specifically trimming costly “accoutrements”

09/04/14: Wall Street Journal quotes Richard Vedder in the piece “For Some Grads, College Isn’t Worth the Debt” by Douglas Belkin.

August 2014:

08/27/14: Wall Street Journal cites work done by Daniel Bennett while at Florida State University in Opinion Article by Nicholas Eberstadt.

08/21/14: Houston Chronicle quotes Richard Vedder in discussion about University of Texas Chancellor Elect, William McRaven.

08/18/14: Bloomberg quotes Richard Vedder on soaring college costs in the chart of the day.

08/13/14: CNNMoney quotes Richard Vedder in a discussion about 17 percent of the total student loan volume being held by people 50 years old or older.

08/11/14: The Daily Signal quotes CCAP on how student aid raises the cost of college.

08/08/14: George Leaf quotes CCAP staff: Daniel Bennett, Richard Vedder, and former staff Bryan O’Keefe on his blog for

08/05/14: George Leaf discusses Vedder and Robe’s analysis of Right to Work Laws on his blog for

08/01/14: Minding The Campus publishes a story by research fellow, Daniel Bennett on Harkin’s attack of For Profits.

July 2014:

07/31/14: Crain’s New York Business quotes Christopher Denhart in a discussion of New York’s Colleges in the Forbes Ranking.

07/29/14: The Watchdog Wire quotes Richard Vedder saying Ohio’s lack of Right-to-Work laws have cost Ohioans.

07/25/14: Minding The Campus runs an essay by Daniel Bennett: A Smarter Way to Regulate Colleges.

07/24/14: Mackinac Center discusses Vedder and Robe’s work on Right-to-Work Laws.

07/24/14: Bloomberg quotes Richard Vedder saying the Obama Administration is not seeing the underlying issue in higher education: Real rising costs.

07/15/14: The Hamilton (OH) Journal-News quotes Richard Vedder on Miami University’s infrastructure spending.

07/03/14: Bloomberg TV hosts Richard Vedder and Alan Krueger to discuss the effect of raising the minimum wage.

07/02/14: Business Insider cites 2013 CCAP Study: Why are Recent College Graduates Underemployed .

June 2014:

06/27/14: TIME Magazine quotes Richard Vedder in a story on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

06/12/14: CNN quotes Richard Vedder on state universities admitting in-state vs. out-of-state students.

06/09/14: PBS Newshour interviews Richard Vedder student loan forgiveness schemes.

06/09/14:  Marketplace quotes Richard Vedder on student loans and President Obama’s new plan on how to address them.

06/06/14: WPRO in Rhode Island quotes Richard Vedder from his testimony at the Senate Budget Committee.

06/04/14: The Seattle Times covers Richard Vedder’s testimony on financial aid and its effect on tuition in front of the Senate Budget Committee.

May 2014:

05/03/14:  WAMC in Albany, NY interviews Richard Vedder on increased spending for college chess teams.

April 2014:

04/28/14: The Washington Post quotes Richard Vedder in a story about increased spending on college chess teams and parallels with increased athletic spending.

04/14/14: Michigan Capitol Confidential references a study by Richard Vedder that found a negative association between economic growth and state spending on higher education.

04/04/14: WCPO in Cincinnati quotes Richard Vedder in an article on administrative salary increases.

March 2014:

03/15/14: An Associated Press story on ABC News quotes Richard Vedder in a story and rising costs and students using food pantries to make ends meet.

03/12/14: Bloomberg quotes Richard Vedder in an article about college graduates displacing less-educated workers for low-wage work.

03/09/14: An article in the Charleston Daily Mail quotes Richard Vedder on college graduates taking jobs usually staffed by less-educated workers.

February 2014:

02/27/14: The Philadephia Inquirer quotes Richard Vedder about rising tuition costs in Pennsylvania.

02/10/14: The Providence Journal quotes Richard Vedder in an article about graduation rates and higher education in Rhode Island.

02/06/14: The Huffington Post quotes Richard Vedder on administrative bloat in higher education.

02/03/14: The Webster County (MO) Citizen cites CCAP in an article on finding work after graduation.

January 2014:

01/04/14: The Daily Caller recaps a radio interview Richard Vedder gave about college costs, student loans, and underemployment.

01/23/14: The Huffington Post references a CCAP study on college graduate underemployment in an article concerning youth unemployment.

November 2013

11/30/13: The Greenville News (SC) quotes Richard Vedder concerning colleges that take on heavy debt loads in large building projects.

October 2013

10/23/13: Michigan Capitol Confidential summarizes a speech Richard Vedder gave in Michigan on the quality of Michigan higher education.

10/22/13: The Wall Street Journal quotes Richard Vedder on stagnant incomes and increasing college costs squeezing students.

10/21/13: WMOT in Tennessee quotes Richard Vedder on George Washington University’s misrepresentation of its admission policy.

10/14/13: Michigan Capitol Confidential cites Richard Vedder in an article about college subsidies and their effect on college spending and cost.

10/09/13: Richard Vedder participates in a Wall Street Journal debate on why tuition is so high.

September 2013

09/25/13: NPR’s All Things Considered quotes Richard Vedder about universities expanding abroad, focusing on NYU’s Shanghai campus.

09/24/13: A columnist in the Dallas News references Richard Vedder concerning a possible college bubble and student-loan debt.

August 2013

08/21/13: The Buffalo News quotes Richard Vedder on rising college costs and the pressure it adds on students.

08/16/13: Bloomberg News quotes Richard Vedder on high spending by New York University and other schools on a chase for prestige.

08/08/13: The Hays Post (KS) references CCAP’s graduate underemployment study in an article by U.S. Senator Jerry Moran.

08/04/13: Lancaster Online (PA) references CCAP’s work on administrative costs in an article about college costs.

July 2013

07/30/13: National Review discusses the Forbes college rankings and universities that falsify data.

07/23/13: Reuters references Richard Vedder’s comments on different plans for students to pay for college.

07/22/13: The New York Post quotes Richard Vedder in an article on student loans and debt.

07/21/13: The Columbus Dispatch references Richard Vedder and CCAP in an article about rising college costs and the causes of the increase.

07/18/13: ABC News Univision references CCAP’s January study on graduate underemployment in an article about employees who are bored at work.

07/18/13: Ohio Public Radio quotes Richard Vedder on an Oregon college plan that would have students pay a percentage of their income instead of traditional tuition payments.

07/17/13: USA Today cites CCAP’s graduate underemployment study when writing about how much employees enjoy their jobs.

07/14/13: The Financial Times references a CCAP report about tenure in an article on tenure and its effect on business schools.

07/12/13: The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Richard Vedder on the tuition increase at Rutgers University.

07/11/13: The San Diego Source references a CCAP study on graduate underemployment in a column about college affordability.

07/11/13: The Guardian quotes Richard Vedder on student loans and risk.

07/10/13National Review Online references a recent article by Richard Vedder on the federal government punishing those who save for college.

07/08/13: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education quotes Richard Vedder and Faculty Fellow David Ridpath for an article about non-instructional fees burdening students and driving up the cost of college.

June 2013

06/19/13: The Huffington Post uses CCAP data to compile a list of unemployment rates for graduates, broken down by major.

06/18/13: Think Progress quotes Richard Vedder in an article on college sports and their subsidization by academics and taxpayers.

06/18/13: The South Bend (IN) Tribune quotes Richard Vedder in an article on public university presidents.

06/05/13: The Center for American Progress cited CCAP’s study on college graduate underemployment for a report on unemployed youth and future economic growth.

May 2013

05/31/13: The New Republic quoted Richard Vedder in an article about student-debt interest rates and their possible increase.

05/31/13: cited CCAP in a “guide” concerning where college graduates can find jobs in the retail industry.

05/26/13: The Wilkes-Barre Citizen’s Voice quotes Richard Vedder on liberal arts degrees and market demand.

05/20/13: The Cleveland Plain-Dealer quotes Jonathan Robe in an editorial on university presidents’ high salaries.

05/17/13: New Mexico Watchdog quotes Jonathan Robe for an article about increased institutional spending.

05/02/13: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education quotes Associate Director Josh Hall on college spending and the tendency for colleges to try and outspend one another. 05/01/13: Inside Higher Ed quotes Faculty Fellow David Ridpath for a story about athletic fees and the student anger they sometimes incite.

April 2013

04/22/13: The Hampton Roads, VA Daily Press references a CCAP report on rising tuition cost in an editorial.

04/21/13: The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (NY) references CCAP’s underemployment study in a column on higher education and vocational schools.

04/20/13: The Oklahoma City Sentinel quotes Associate Director Joshua Hall on the efficiency of Oklahoma’s higher-education system and its hidden costs.

04/17/13: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education quotes Associate Director Joshua Hall on a shift in rankings that reflect efficiency.

04/17/13: Oklahoma Watchdog interviewed Associate Director Josh Hall and Richard Vedder for an article about Dr. Hall’s analysis of Oklahoma’s spending on higher education.

04/15/13: MSN Money cites CCAP’s underemployment study in an article about student loan debt and the housing market.

04/14/13: The Financial Times cites CCAP’s underemployment study in an article about American policymakers looking at ways to import the German model of job training (registration required).

04/08/13: The Street quotes Jonathan Robe and cites CCAP for a story about the value of going to college.

04/05/13: The Washington Post quotes Richard Vedder on the rise of chess teams and its parallels to an athletics arms race.

04/05/13: The Daily Caller quotes Richard Vedder in an article about immigration and its effects on college employment.

04/03/13: The Guardian references some of CCAP’s research in an article about student-loan debt.

04/01/13: Russia Today cites CCAP’s underemployment study when reporting on the number of students working minimum-wage jobs.

March 2013

03/31/13: The Huffington Post cites CCAP’s January study on college graduate underemployment in an article about 284,000 college graduates working minimum-wage jobs.

03/27/13: The Port Huron Times-Herald cites CCAP’s work on administrative staffing increases in an article about Michigan collegiate spending and staffing.

03/27/13: The Philadelphia Daily News references CCAP’s underemployment study in a story about the NCAA basketball tournament and student debt.

03/25/13: The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch cites CCAP research on the profit or losses that result from the NCAA basketball tournament.

03/25/13: Time magazine quotes Faculty Fellow David Ridpath on his research about student perceptions of athletic fees.

03/18/13: Fox News Channel University quotes Richard Vedder on the price of student services and their effects on tuition.

03/14/13: The Harvard Business Review cites a 2010 CCAP study on tenure and its negative effects that hamper flexibility.

03/12/13: Business Insider quotes Jonathan Robe on the rising college costs ans the reactions of parents.

03/12/13: Bloomberg quotes Jonathan Robe discussing faculty perks and benefits as tuition increases.

03/08/13: The New York Times quotes CCAP’s underemployment report in an opinion column on the “new normal” in higher education.

03/07/13: The Hechinger Report cites research by CCAP on average salaries for graduates by field of study.

03/06/13: The Naples News (FL) quotes Richard Vedder in an article about student loans.

03/06/13: The National Legal and Policy Center mentions CCAP’s underemployment study in a piece on federal student loans.

03/06/13: Reuters mentions CCAP’s underemployment study  on a short piece about student debt.

03/04/13: CCAP is mentioned in a special report from the Chronicle of Higher Education on the graduate and employer mismatch for our underemployment study. 03/01/13: The Christian Science Monitor quotes Richard Vedder on MOOCs and their potential to reduce higher-education costs.

February 2013

02/28/13: ABC-WFTS in Tampa, FL quotes Richard Vedder on administrative costs and rising tuition.

02/27/13: Fox Business quotes Jonathan Robe on why students default on their loans.

02/21/13: USA Today quotes Faculty Fellow David Ridpath in an article about Miami University and its trouble with the NCAA.

02/21/13: CBS Moneywatch covers CCAP’s list of colleges with the best professors.

02/19/13: The New York Times quotes Faculty Fellow David Ridpath discussing Florida Atlantic University selling stadium naming rights to a private prison corporation.

02/13: Kiplinger quotes Richard Vedder in their February issue on the value of higher education and its effect on giving students financial prosperity.

January 2013:

1/29/13: The Huffington Post reported on CCAP’s underemployment study and the tension between its findings and public-policy approaches to higher education.

1/29/13: CNBC covers CCAP’s underemployment study and the strains in higher education.

1/28/13: ABC News, in a report on the stock market, mentions CCAP’s underemployment study.

1/28/13: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on CCAP’s underemployment study and public-policy effects.

1/28/13: National Review reports on CCAP’s new study and Anthony Carnevale’s criticism.

1/28/13: USA Today recaps CCAP’s new underemployment study and the possible ramifications of overinvestment in higher education.

1/28/13: Inside Higher Ed reports on CCAP’s new underemployment study and the diverging views of Richard Vedder and Anthony Carnevale.

1/28/13: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review covers CCAP’s new study on underemployment that states nearly half of college graduates are underemployed.

1/28/13: CNN Money reports on CCAP’s new study analyzing underemployment among college graduates.

1/21/13: The Lincoln Journal Star references CCAP’s 2012 report on the University of Nebraska system for an article on administrative bloat and other problems.

1/21/13: Forbes quotes Richard Vedder discussing the shaky financial future of many institutions in higher education.

1/18/13: Forbes cites research by Richard Vedder on economic output and federal higher-education subsidies.

1/14/13: Richard Vedder is quoted by the Springfield News-Sun on Ohio State University changing policy to require sophomores to live in dorms.

December 2012

12/19/12: The Wall Street Journal quotes Richard Vedder on the benefits of merit-based scholarships over need-based scholarships (pay wall).

12/19/12: In an article for Bloomberg, John Hechinger and Janet Lorin quote Richard Vedder on reform in higher education and its possibilities.

12/19/12: Your Houston News mentions Richard Vedder in his role as a contributor to a new study from the Texas Public Policy foundation about reforming Texas’ higher-education system.

12/14/2012: A blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentions Richard Vedder while discussing the merits of differential tuition costs based upon a student’s major.

12/13/12: Andrew Martin of the New York Times interviewed Richard Vedder for an article on colleges using debt financing to construct new buildings and the cost pressures such actions exert.

12/13/12: Katrina Trinko in National Review Online quoted Richard Vedder in an article about efforts in Florida and Texas to offer a $10,000 college degree.

November 2012

11/13/12: Forbes quoted Jonathan Robe in an article about America’s most expensive colleges and the factor that prestige plays in pushing up tuition costs.

11/08/12: The Blaze cited a CCAP report on the increase of support staff in higher education.

11/06/12: Live Trading News quoted Richard Vedder at length for an article about 50 percent of college graduates not holding degree-worthy jobs.

11/05/12: Moneywatch quoted Richard Vedder on an article discussing the high number of janitors, clerks, and waiters with college degrees.

11/05/12: World on Campus quoted Jonathan Robe in an article on college affordability and how colleges present their justifications for tuition and expenses.

11/03/12: The Hamilton Journal-News quoted Richard Vedder for an article on Ohio State President Gordon Gee’s executive pay doubling.

October 2012

10/31/12: Fox Business quoted Jonathan Robe in an article on four ways colleges can lower costs.

10/23/12: The Pennsylvania Independent quoted Jonathan Robe on the importance of traditional colleges integrating online courses into their curriculum.

10/18/12: The Fiscal Times referenced a 2011 CCAP report in an article on hidden fees and expenses during college.

September 2012

09/19/12: National Review Online references Richard Vedder in a blog on student debt and the cost of higher education.

09/18/12: Bloomberg Businessweek published an article discussing student-loan debt and quoted Richard Vedder.

09/18/12: The Fiscal Times cites a CCAP report on mandatory fees that make college more expensive than parents and students expect.

09/11/12: The Atlantic, in an article arguing against the theory that college is a bubble, references Richard Vedder’s work on underemployed graduates.

09/09/12: In an article for The Daily Beast, Megan McArdle quoted Richard Vedder on the value of college and whether it’s a lousy investment.

August 2012

08/29/12: California Watch interviewed Richard Vedder about equality in higher education as tuition increases.

08/29/12: Associate Director Josh Hall was quoted by The Fiscal Times on the effect that increasingly luxurious college dorms have on rising tuition.

08/10/12: Bloomberg Businessweek quoted Richard Vedder in an article about free online courses and motivations for students to enter college.

08/02/12: The Heartlander quoted Jonathan Robe discussing the effect that government aid has on student loans.

July 2012

07/26/12: The Times Higher Education of the UK quoted Richard Vedder on the ambiguity of university governance and the problems that result.

07/24/12: CCAP Faculty Fellow David Ridpath was interviewed by CBS Sports about the Penn State scandal and what it meant for the program moving forwar

07/18/12: The Indiana Daily Student cited a 2010 CCAP policy paper and quoted Jonathan Robe on shifting employer expectations and the signaling effect that increases the demand for college degrees, but not necessarily college skills.

07/15/12: The Casper Star-Tribune extensively quoted Richard Vedder’s speech at Hillsdale College in a piece about college costs and federal student aid.

June 2012

06/29/12: Inside Higher Ed interviewed Richard Vedder on Rick Santorum and Barack Obama’s back-and-forth on the necessity of a college education.

06/04/12: The Lexington Clipper-Herald covered CCAP’s release of a study on the  University of Nebraska highed-education system, and quoted him on the rising cost of college.

06/04/12: Michigan Live quoted Richard Vedder in an article on state politicians earmarking funding for their alma maters.

May 2012

05/27/12: The Boston Globe cited CCAP research on the underemployment of individuals with doctorates and professional degrees.

April 2012

04/20/12: Michael Rosen, in a piece for AEI’s The American identified Richard Vedder as the “foremost national expert on college tuition.”

04/05/12: A Toledo Blade editoral quoted Richard Vedder criticizing the large employee bonuses that the Dayton Daily News reported earlier this week.

04/03/12: The Dayton Daily News covered the 2011 bonuses Ohio State University awarded to employees and quoted Richard Vedder.

04/03/12: The editor of Parenting magazine cited CCAP research in a column on preparing children for college.

04/02/12: A story by Patrick McGuigan for CapitolBeatOK on the graduation rate of the University of Oklahoma quoted Jonathan Robe.

March 2012

03/31/12: A story by Todd Finkelmeyer for The Capital Times covered Richard Vedder’s participation in a higher ed conference in Madison Wisconsin.

03/25/12: A piece for the Boston Globe on the role government financial aid plays in college costs cited CCAP research.

03/25/12: Clarence Page devoted his March 25, 2012 column on the success of colleges at teaching critical thinking and quoted Richard Vedder.

03/23/12:story for Mint Press News on state-based grants for college students quoted Andrew Gillen.

03/22/12: A segment on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” discussed Richard Vedder’s research on the “value-added” of a collegiate education.

03/22/12: In a op-ed for, former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett cited Andrew Gillen’s research on the relationship between tuition and government financial aid.

03/21/12: George Leef summarized CCAP research on federal financial aid and tuition in a piece for the Clarion Call.

03/18/12: An op-ed on tuition subsidies in the Detroit Free Press quoted Richard Vedder.

03/15/12: A story for on public university building projects in California quoted Richard Vedder.

03/11/12: A story for SmartMoney on college athletics and the associated costs cited CCAP research.

03/11/12: In his syndicated column, Clarence Page talked about alternatives to college and extensively quoted Richard Vedder.

03/09/12: A piece by Hans Bader on the “higher education bubble” for cited Andrew Gillen’s research.

February 2012

02/21/12: Minding the Campus hosted a forum with reactions to CCAP research related to the hypothesis that federal financial aid contributes to tuition increases.

02/11/12: The Tennessean  ran a story on debt burdens of college students in Tennessee and quoted Richard Vedder.

02/09/12: A Yahoo! News post on the history of college rankings cited CCAP research.

02/06/12: The Daily published a story on the growth of higher education administrators cited CCAP research and quoted Richard Vedder.

January 2012

01/27/12: Julie Mack filed a story in the Kalamazoo Gazette on college costs which cited CCAP research and quoted Richard Vedder.

01/27/12: A post on discussed Richard Vedder’s musings on the need for higher education reform.

01/26/12: A piece by Alex Pollock for The American on student loan reform cited Richard Vedder.

01/26/12: A story in Inside Higher Ed on President Obama’s comments on higher education in the 2012 “State of the Union” address quoted Jonathan Robe.

01/19/12: The Washington Times, in a news report on a proposal in Michigan to offer tuition-free education, quoted Richard Vedder.

01/13/12: A story in the Austin American-Statesman covered Richard Vedder’s involvement in a forum on higher education in Texas.

December 2011

12/15/11: Richard Vedder was quoted in a story by Times Higher Education on the role a “campus building frenzy” plays in rising college costs.

12/14/11: NextGen Journal published a story on efforts to cut college costs and quoted Richard Vedder.

12/10/11: The Economist‘s Schumpeter discussed Professor Mark Bauerlein’s research (published by CCAP) on scholarly literary research.

12/06/11: Human Events reported on Andrew Gillen’s participation in a panel on higher ed student loans.

12/04/11: A story on the finances of college athletics for the Louisville Carrier-Journal quoted Matthew Denhart.

November 2011

11/21/11: A story in Inside Higher Ed profiled a report, published by CCAP on the costs and benefits of literary research by college faculty.

11/17/11: An article by Mark Kantrowitz for on net tuition and net price of college discussed CCAP research.

11/17/11: Richard Vedder participated in an online symposium for US News and World Report on the question: “Is a College Degree Still Worth It?”

11/07/11: A news story in Inside Higher Ed on student loan repayment programs quoted Andrew Gillen.

11/06/11: An opinion piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch cited CCAP’s research on underemployment of college graduates.

October 2011

10/28/11: A story for Investor’s Business Daily on student loan debt quoted Andrew Gillen.

10/28/11: An article in The Deal Magazine on for-profit higher education cited CCAP research on tuition inflation.

10/26/11: A news article for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on student loan debt quoted Richard Vedder.

10/22/11: A story in the New York Post on student loan debt quoted Andrew Gillen.

10/21/11: The Plains Daily profiled CCAP’s research on higher education in North Dakota.

10/16/11: A column in the Las Vegas Sun, which argued that higher education is not working, cited Richard Vedder.

10/12:11: A U.S. News & World Report article on alternatives to a college education cited Richard Vedder.

September 2011

09/19:11: A story on whether college is still worth it for The Miami Herald quoted Richard Vedder.

09/14/11: In his syndicated column, Walter Williams discussed CCAP research on the underemployment of college graduates.

09/10/11: Michelle Singletary extensively quoted Richard Vedder in a Washington Post column devoted to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s push for lower cost bachelor’s degrees.

09/06/11: Richard Vedder contributed to a New York Times “Room for Debate” forum on whether or not a $10,000 bachelor’s degree is feasible.

August 2011

08/25/11: A story in The New York Times on the future of online college courses quoted Richard Vedder.

08/23/11: Richard Vedder participated in a New York Times “Room for Debate” forum on whether the U.S. spends too much on education.

08/09/11: A story by David Hogberg for Investor’s Business Daily on university administrative bloat quoted Daniel Bennett.

08/05/11: A piece in InsideHigherEd on the college-high school earnings premium extensively quoted Richard Vedder.

July 2011

07/24/11: In an essay for, Charlotte Allen discussed CCAP research on college faculty teaching productivity.

07/22/11: A story on college credential  inflation in The New York Times quoted Richard Vedder.

07/21/11: A report in The Washington Times on tuition increases for Fiscal Year 2012 extensively quoted Richard Vedder.

07/19/11: Michael Barone warned of a college bubble driven by massive public subsidies in a column that cited Richard Vedder

07/07/11: A piece in The Economist focused on Vance Fried’s research on developing new cost models in higher education.

07/06/11: John Stossel mentioned Richard Vedder in his column devoted to “The College Scam.”

07/06/11: An article in The Christian Science Monitor on making college more affordable quoted Richard Vedder.

June 2011

06/30/11: An article in The Washington Times on the new online tuition-comparison tool the Department of Education published quoted Richard Vedder.

06/27/11: A post by Lynn O’Shaughnessy for CBS MoneyWatch cited CCAP research on faculty teaching productivity.

06/23/11: An article by Murray Evans for Forbes quoted Richard Vedder.

06/20/11: R.R. Reno cited Richard Vedder in a column for First Things.

06/17/11: An article in The Canberra Times on the spill-over effects of higher education cited CCAP research.

06/16/11: A piece by Margaret Wente for The Globe and Mail cited Richard Vedder.

06/05/11: An article on the Ohio State football program in The Columbus Dispatch quoted Richard Vedder and David Ridpath.

06/05/11: Daniel Bennett participated in a New York Times “Room for Debate” forum on regulating for-profit colleges.

06/02/11: A post by Tina Korbe devoted to the “gainful employment” regulations quoted Daniel L. Bennett.

May 2011

05/31/11: Anthony Grafton and James Grossman criticized CCAP’s analysis of faculty productivity in teaching.

05/25/11: A story in The Chronicle of Higher Education on college administrative staffing levels cited CCAP research.

05/25/11: The Texas Tribune covered the debate in Texas over CCAP’s analysis of faculty productivity and costs at the University of Texas at Austin.

05/24/11: Daniel Luzer of Washington Monthly commented on CCAP’s research on faculty productivity.

05/23/11: The Austin American-Statesman profiled CCAP’s preliminary analysis of faculty productivity at the University of Texas at Austin.

05/22/11: A story on “runaway tuition” in the Des Moines Register quoted Richard Vedder.

05/20/11: Rich Lowry cited Richard Vedder in his May 20, 2011 column on rising student debt.

05/18/11: An article titled, “Questioning the Value of College for All,” published by TakePart, featured Richard Vedder.

05/16/11: A story for Inside Higher Ed on the future career prospects for tenured professors quoted Richard Vedder.

April 2011

04/28/11: Times Higher Education reported on CCAP’s research on the question of whether undergraduates pay more in tuition than it actually costs to educate them.

04/27/11: A story on a potential college bubble in the Chicago Tribune quoted Richard Vedder: “”Higher education is one big bailout.”

04/19/11: In an article on undergraduate business education, The Economist cited Richard Vedder.

04/19/11: William McGurn quoted Richard Vedder in his “Main Street” column on rising college costs for The Wall Street Journal (sub req’d).

04/18/11: Richard Vedder contributed to a New York Times “Room for Debate” forum on the inadequacy of undergraduate business degree programs.

04/08/11: Amanda M. Fairbanks cited Richard Vedder and Matthew Denhart in a story for The Huffington Post on the debate over faculty pay structures.

04/07/11: The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted CCAP’s research on the comparisons between what students pay to colleges and what those colleges actually spend directly on education.

04/05/11: George Leef reviewed CCAP’s report “How College Pricing Undermines Financial Aid” for the Pope Center’s Clarion Call.

04/01/11: Richard Vedder participated in a New York Times “Room for Debate” forum on falling acceptance rates at elite colleges.

04/01/11: An article, published by American Thinker, cited Richard Vedder in the context of the public policy push for increasing the proportion of American college graduates.

March 2011

03/31/11: The Academic Cooperation Association in Brussels reviewed CCAP’s research on higher ed-specific price indices in their March 2011 newsletter (sub req’d).

03/29/11: Phyllis Schlafly highlighted CCAP’s research on trends in the underemployment of college graduates in her column on government spending on education

03/22/11: In an article for Slate, Timothy Noah quoted Richard Vedder on why tuition costs have risen so much.

03/21/11: A story for SmartMoney on college sports references Richard Vedder and CCAP’s work on college athletic fees.

03/13/11: The Las Vegas Review-Journal cited Richard Vedder in a piece on whether U.S. college attendance must be dramatically increased.

03/07/11: A special on the future of the liberal-arts education model quoted Richard Vedder: “A college diploma doesn’t really cut it anymore as a sure path to success.”

February 2011

02/20/11: Daniel DeVise blogged for The Washington Post about Andrew Gillen and Richard Vedder’s emphasis on the the three “I’s” of higher ed reform: incentives, information and innovation.

02/05/11: The NCAA responded to CCAP’s research of student views on the use of student fee money for athletics funding.

January 2011

01/31/11: A piece in the Columbus Dispatch referenced CCAP’s survey of Ohio University students to gauge student opinion of athletics funding.

01/31/11: USAToday covered the results of CCAP’s survey of college students’ opinions regarding the use of student fee money at Ohio University to fund intercollegiate athletics.

01/30/11: A news story in The Wall Street Journal reported on CCAP’s research on student views on institutional athletics funding at Ohio University.

01/24/11: A story in the Winnipeg Free Press on the topic of how much college students actually learn mentioned Richard Vedder’s writings on the topic.

01/17/11: The cover story for the January-February 2011 issue of Change magazine focused upon CCAP research by Matthew Denhart and Richard Vedder on intercollegiate athletics.

01/12/11: At Phi Beta Cons, George Leef commented upon CCAP’s work in analyzing faculty compensation costs at Texas A & M University.

01/11/11: Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute referenced CCAP’s research on the trends in underemployment of college graduates.

01/06/11: The Chronicle of Higher Education announced that one of Richard Vedder’s blogs (“Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College?“) was the third most viewed piece on its website in all of 2010.

December 2010

12/29/10: The Pope Center listed the release of Richard Vedder’s book, Going Broke By Degree, as one of the top 10 most influential events affecting American higher education during the past decade.

12/20/10: A story on vocational colleges for CNBC quoted Richard Vedder.

12/16/10: A Forbes column by Jerry Bowyer on the topic of a looming college bubble referenced Richard Vedder’s work on higher education.

12/14/10: A story in InsideHigherEd on college alumni satisfaction presented Richard Vedder’s critique of the survey.

12/13/10: Minding the Campus published four responses (by Stefan Kanfer, Fred Siegel, Mark Bauerlein and Daphne Patai) to Richard Vedder’s research suggesting too many people go to college.

12/13/10: Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Posts’ Right Turn” reacted to Richard Vedder’s claim that college isn’t for everyone.

12/10/10: Minding the Campus hosted a forum discussion on CCAP’s research on college graduate underemployment.

12/02/10: The Washington Posts’College Inc.” blog summarized CCAP’s study 25 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College.

November 2010

11/29/10:Richard Vedder joined the discussion at The New York Times’ “Room for Debate” on why French scholars migrate to the U.S.

11/18/10: InsideHigherEd ran a story on CCAP’s report titled 25 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College.

11/17/10: The Pope Center’s George Leef reviewed CCAP’s report on college accreditation.

11/16/10: A Heritage Foundation webmemo on Pell Grants and college affordability referenced CCAP research.

11/10/10: The Chronicle of Higher Education summarized some of CCAP’s report 25 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College.

11/08/10: A story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cited CCAP’s research on intercollegiate athletics.

October 2010

10/31/10: An article on college affordability in Lumina Foundation’s Focus quoted Richard Vedder.

10/28/10: A story in Businessweek on the rise in college costs quoted Richard Vedder.

10/28/10: An article in Clutch referenced Richard Vedder’s writings on HBCU’s.

10/28/10: A story on tuition hikes in The Christian Science Monitor quoted Richard Vedder.

10/20/10: The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted CCAP’s report on higher education accreditation.

10/17/10: Richard Vedder participated in the New York Times’ Room for Debate forum on the topic, “Do Colleges Need French Departments?”

10/12/10: A story in US News & World Report, “Here Come $60,000-A-Year Colleges,” quoted Richard Vedder.

10/12/10: The BBC ran a story about the implications of a tuition fees market in Britain and referenced Richard Vedder 10/11/10: An AP story on the costs incurred by taxpayers by college dropouts cited Richard Vedder

September 2010

09/30/10: National Center for Policy Analysis cited Richard Vedder in its “Brief Analysis No. 726.”

09/22/10: USA Today ran a frontpage story which quoted Matthew Denhart on how student fees are used to finance college athletics.

09/21/10: feature story in the Chronicle of Higher Education on the newest installment of the College Board’s “Education Pays” report quoted Richard Vedder.

09/10/10: A Washington Post article on whether a college degree is worth the high cost quoted Richard Vedder.

August 2010

08/27/10:story on whether everyone should go to college, published by The Huffington Post, quoted Richard Vedder.

08/24/10: Richard Vedder was quoted in an article in USA Today on the job market for college graduates.

08/12/10: Campus Overload, a college blog at The Washington Post, discussed the Forbes/CCAP rankings.

08/12/10: The Huffington Post mentioned the 2010 Forbes/CCAP college rankings.

08/09/10: An article on college debt, published on, cited Richard Vedder.

08/04/10: A USA Today post cited the CCAP report on for-profit higher education, written by Daniel L. Bennett, Adam R. Lucchesi, and Richard K. Vedder.

July 2010

07/29/10: The Mackinac Center for Public Policy cited Daniel L. Bennett’s report, “Trends in the Higher Education Labor Force.”

07/29/10: Richard Vedder participated in the New York Times’ Room for Debate forum on the question: What if College Tenure Dies?

07/28/10: An article for Minding the Campus quoted Daniel L. Bennett on the topic of gainful employment.

07/09/10: New York Times article on college spending for recreation quoted Richard Vedder.

May 2010

05/24/10: The Cato @ Liberty blog commented on Daniel L. Bennett’s piece for Forbes, titled “New College Loan Rules Put Taxpayers At Risk.”

05/15/10: An article in the New York Times quoted Richard Vedder on whether some people should forgo college.

March 2010

03/01/10: A news blurb for Inside Higher Ed summarized a debate, in which Richard Vedder participated, on whether the U.S. needs more college graduates.

February 2010

02/04/10: Richard Vedder participated in the New York Times’ Room for Debate forum by responding to the question: What is the federal government’s role in controlling college costs?

January 2010

01/28/10: Daniel L. Bennett was cited in a story by Fox 5 on student loan repayment.

01/14/10: Daniel L. Bennett was cited in an article for Minding the Campus on for-profit schools.

01/07/10: Richard Vedder was quoted by the Washington Examiner in an article addressing tuition hikes.

01/05/10: Andrew Gillen is quoted in an article for Minding the Campus on student loans. (See this clarification of his comments.)

01/04/10: Richard Vedder participated in the New York Times’ Room for Debate forum by responding to the question: Are they students or ‘customers’?


11/28/09: The Press of Atlantic City quoted Andrew Gillen and Daniel L. Bennett in an article on institutional merit aid.

11/22/09: Richard Vedder participated in the New York Times’ Room for Debate, answering the question: As they deal with tighter budgets, what should public universities do to balance fiscal responsibility and equal opportunity?

11/08/09: Richard Vedder participated in aChronicle of Higher Education forum focusing on the question “Are too many students going to college?” 11/08/09: Richard Vedder commented on the value of a master’s degree in the Miami Herald.

11/03/09: Richard Vedder commented on pay for university presidents in the Boston Globe.

10/26/09: Richard Vedder was quoted in a NY Times article discussing the role of for-profit colleges.

07/16/09: Daniel L. Bennett was cited in an article for Minding the Campus.

06/15/09: A story on proposed tuition increases at California community colleges, published in, quoted Andrew Gillen.

04/24/09: The Chronicle of Higher Education feature story highlighted the CCAP report on the labor force trends in higher education.

04/20/09: A story in focused on Daniel L. Bennett’s report on the labor force trends in higher education.

04/07/09: The Chronicle of Higher Education spotlighted Andrew Gillen’s report on student financial aid.


08/13/08: In conjunction with Forbes, CCAP released 2008 rankings of American colleges and universities.

05/27/08: Richard Vedder explained in the LA Times how the University of California can do more with less.


06/03/07: Michael Shaughnessy of interviewed Richard Vedder about his book Going Broke by Degree.